Coaching Experiences

You have a story

God created each of us with this distinctive life message to share. But sometimes the noise of this world drowns out our messages. These busy days of chasing children and managing our homes, the expectations of employers, the voices of friends, family, or negative influences, it all tends to cast doubts on our worth.

I’ve lived this. For years I believed the lie that my words didn’t matter, that I didn’t matter. I was stuck in this emotional pit–couldn’t go forward, but couldn’t go back. I spent way too many years in that in-between, stalled-out in that empty, lonely space. With this overwhelming burden of responsibility and a broken-down support system, there was no time to even consider that my story could make a difference.

I imagine that must really hurt God’s heart when we believe what we have to say isn’t important or valued.

I wonder what would happen if we all just took off our life-is-just-fine masks and we spoke our truths. What would it feel like if we no longer had to compartmentalize our lives–if the life on the outside could actually line up with the person on the inside.

That’s what our coaching experiences are all about, introducing hope. In this place, in this experience, encouragers find their own encouragement, inspiration, and healing conversations.

We don’t know how powerful our story is, until we share it.
~Jeff Goins

Are you ready to be focused forward {by your  goals and dreams} rather than pushed back {by your doubts and fears}? Together, we’ll take a look at where you are today, where you want to go tomorrow, and what you need to do now to get there.  {Because you have to understand where you are and learn what you need to do in order to choose where you land.} While I will challenge your self-awareness, I offer an environment that breeds positive change.We’ll create a plan and I’ll cheer you on while holding you accountable.

Through teaching sessions, group exercises, and interactive activities, you’ll learn how to:

  • Open your heart and be honest with yourself.
  • Identify toxic beliefs that twist your thinking.
  • Pull down mental traps and strip away their false sense of power.
  • Connect within healthy community for accountability and growth.
  • Move beyond lingering hurts.
  • Uncover and listen to your true voice.
  • Reclaim stalled dreams and the passion of your heart.
  • Tell your story and make your life count.



We offer coaching two ways, individual and group coaching experiences.

Group Coaching:

There is a collective wisdom and healing power that lies in the heart of faith-filled community. As we gather each week in the group experience {by phone or webcast}, you no longer have to feel isolated, trapped, discouraged, or overwhelmed.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  •  Five weekly tele-gatherings {Value $750 alone.}
  •  Weekly Q&A opportunities to address specific obstacles you are facing.
  •  A virtual gathering-place packed with inspiration, wisdom, and guidance.
  •  Private forum for group communication—connect on a deeper level with others on a similar journey.
  •  Downloadable audio of all calls (if you miss a session, listen later!)
  •  Bonus Expert Chat: Glean from industry experts on our live Expert Call.
  •  Intimate group size—limited to 20 participants.

Our next session starts April 15th. The class is limited to 20 and we already have folks on the waiting list so email me now with any questions or to grab a spot.


Individual Coaching:

To better serve you, I hold a limited number of one-on-one clients at a time, so if you’re interested in being considered for one of these spots please email me for details.

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{Photos:  Top--Shanyn Silinski; Bottom--Redeemeables Upscale Resale.}


Live Workshops:


Jo Ann Fore leads women on a heart-journey into a new land. A place where painful life experiences serve as a path to a greater purpose, and redemption becomes more important than explanation.

Jo Ann believes all women can live an abundant life, but that they must be free from any lingering emotional clutter. She offers hope, inspiration, and practical tools for the journey into a joyful purpose-filled life.

These workshops are available for women’s events, live and online. Click here for a PDF One Sheet that details the workshops and offers testimonials from industry leaders as well as workshop attendees. To bring one of these workshops to your area, contact JoAnn here for more information or to schedule an event.


Write Where It Hurts: Writing as a Healing Tool

Audio sample (2 minutes) here: Write Where It Hurts Workshop

Many women use journaling as a form of self-therapy, but it often amounts to little more than unburdening. Without divine intervention, journaling in itself doesn’t usually lead to a genuine healing connection. Write Where It Hurts gives women a practical technique. They learn to use expressive writing together with biblical truth to reconcile painful experiences with God’s purpose for their lives. This workshop offers simple, yet transformative writing exercises in a safe and supportive environment.

Memories are powerful. Negative memories, toxic. Repressed trauma and emotional grief deeply affect a woman’s heart, relationships, and life. Write Where It Hurts grants women the much-needed permission to sift through our life experiences for the deeper meaning. The workshops are designed for any woman, regardless of writing experience.

Participants learn to:

  • release the stories of a painful past
  • move beyond deep-rooted hurts
  • uncover faulty thinking
  • grasp the comfort of the sovereignty of God
  • make changes that last


A Purpose for My Pain: Healing Begins at Perspective

Like the disciples who asked Jesus about a man blind from birth, sometimes we need to blame someone for the pain in our lives. But we have the wrong question. Rather than, “Why me?” we need to ask, “What’s next?” This workshop, with writing exercises, challenges women to reengage life from a divine perspective. God can use all things for good–even pain and suffering. Women learn how their lives are providentially connected with others and how to invest in the lives of other hurting women.

Participants learn to:

  • examine life experiences from a new perspective
  • develop the ability to see God working in your life
  • focus on what matters
  • transform pain into life-defining purpose
  • make a difference in life


Jo Ann has a passion for those who are hurting and broken. Her consistency, integrity and commitment to these women allows her to be very effective as a mentor, coach and author. I highly recommend her as a guest speaker, coach or in any area where her expertise would be utilized. Truly, her clients will not be disappointed. I'd work with her anywhere, anytime.

Theresa Harvard Johnson
Jo Ann, I was so blessed to have you teach this class. You are so right about our need to confront our deepest darkest feelings. I didn't know what to expect, but you had a way of helping us reach deep inside while showing us what we need to do to face our demons. And more importantly, what we have to do to rid ourselves of them. Thank you!

Pat Eunis

Amazing what you blessed us with, inspired us to imagine, and evoked from our desires during your presentation at the National Association of Christian Women's Conference. Thank you Jo Ann Fore !

Coachpreneur Judyann
Jo Ann, you are an inspiration! Thank you for your kindness and for the very real security I felt in your workshop. That is so very important. Your workshops are so valuable to those of us who have a difficult time expressing our feelings. Being able to journal through this is a wonderful way to express those emotions and deepest secrets. Thank you for the tools, information, and security to do this.

Darlene Covert
Jo Ann Fore helped me write through one of the most painful seasons of my life. She guided me with her loving encouragement, her thought-provoking questions, and her accepting tone. She granted me the freedom and permission to dive into the murky waters--where I found my voice. It was there that my Father God was waiting for me. Thank you, Jo Ann, for helping me get to the other side, one word at a time.

Diane Cunningham; Founder & President, National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs
I just want to hug you right now. Nothing you said should have brought me to tears, yet I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. Family and friends would tell you I'm not an emotional person--it's just a combination of the rawness and you simply understanding where I'm coming from. Thank you for conveying that understanding.

Elizabeth Buhrke