Book Club: Atlas Girl

atlas girl book club

Do you feel like you have no voice? Do you struggle with feeling invisible, unseen, in this world of Facebook and Instagram and YouTube fame? Do you wonder what your purpose is, and where God is--and whether or not He even hears you? If so, join us for the #AtlasGirlBookClub, based off Emily … [Read More...]

Learning from Heroines of the Faith: When You are Called Beyond Your Comfort Zone

50 Women Every Christian Should Know

Guest post by Michelle DeRusha It was Day One. I sat at my desk, a typed list of 50 women at my side, my laptop open in front of me. I was ready, poised to embark on an eight-month research and writing project for a book about women in Christian history. I glanced at the first woman on my … [Read More...]

When Your Small Group Isn’t Going Well

Keep Small Groups Engaged, Jo Ann Fore

Our time together started out strong: these beautiful women who came enthusiastic for hope and eager for practical resources. We were a healthy mixture of mamas and nanas and career folks, all excited about gathering in community with women who “get us,” connecting as only women can. A few were … [Read More...]