How to Grow Old Without Feeling Old

How to Grow Old

April is my birthday month. It's the big 5-0 for me this year. And it's bigger than ever. A milestone, indeed. One I'd dreaded for years if I'm completely transparent, because well, that's often when both time and memory start passing quicker, and when doctors start recommending some weird screening tests {think colonoscopy}.  And although folks everywhere say it, how fifty … [Read More...]

The Beauty of Debris

threshing floor

Legs crossed Indian-style, palms facing upward and resting on each knee, I sat in the middle of my living room floor meditating. Not meditating as in yoga-meditating but rather a collapsing-in-the-floor-exhausted-with-too-much-on-my-mind posture. {Although, the palms landing upward may well have been some subliminal sign of the surrender that was to come.} Tears stroked the … [Read More...]

When Joy Comes to Stay

Joy Comes to Stay

Six months ago I wrote how hard it was, this unique time of helping one precious to me while my own desires and dreams suspended mid-air. The days spent rising {way} too early, cleaning behind little ears, and finding fun learning activities to entertain a hungry young mind—all while cloaking discipleship in the painting of rocks and baking of cookies. God said it was for a … [Read More...]