When You Don’t Have Time for Friends

Make Time for Friends

I don’t have time for friends. It was a cloaked excuse, one that hid me from expecting eyes. I talk about it here, how thirteen years ago I said those words to most who tried to get close, but in particular to this one beautiful soul—this girl who later became an irreplaceable friend after scaling my hard, high walls. I share how as a hurting introvert I later blossomed into a … [Read More...]

How to Grow Old Without Feeling Old

How to Grow Old

April is my birthday month. It's the big 5-0 for me this year. And it's bigger than ever. A milestone, indeed. One I'd dreaded for years if I'm completely transparent, because well, that's often when both time and memory start passing quicker, and when doctors start recommending some weird screening tests {think colonoscopy}.  And although folks everywhere say it, how fifty … [Read More...]

The Beauty of Debris

threshing floor

Legs crossed Indian-style, palms facing upward and resting on each knee, I sat in the middle of my living room floor meditating. Not meditating as in yoga-meditating but rather a collapsing-in-the-floor-exhausted-with-too-much-on-my-mind posture. {Although, the palms landing upward may well have been some subliminal sign of the surrender that was to come.} Tears stroked the … [Read More...]