When Your Small Group Isn’t Going Well

Keep Small Groups Engaged, Jo Ann Fore

Our time together started out strong: these beautiful women who came enthusiastic for hope and eager for practical resources. We were a healthy mixture of mamas and nanas and career folks, all excited about gathering in community with women who “get us,” connecting as only women can. A few were … [Read More...]

Time Management Tips for the Encourager

FH - Time Management Tips

A couple months ago I opened my DayTimer and found myself laughing aloud at the ridiculousness of the number of things I’d crammed into one thirty-day period. All the work I had to do, the causes I’m passionate about, and the personal commitments I try to daily live into, they sat there mocking … [Read More...]

Walking with the Hurting Woman

Walking with the Hurting Woman

The wind whispers light across the windshield; my thoughts wander to the expansive fields outside my window. Beautiful country estates line the quiet highway, handsome horses grazing content on fine blades of Kentucky bluegrass. The scene arrests my heart, settles my mind into this quietly … [Read More...]