Learning from Heroines of the Faith: When You are Called Beyond Your Comfort Zone

50 Women Every Christian Should Know

Guest post by Michelle DeRusha It was Day One. I sat at my desk, a typed list of 50 women at my side, my laptop open in front of me. I was ready, poised to embark on an eight-month research and writing project for a book about women in Christian history. I glanced at the first woman on my … [Read More...]

When Your Small Group Isn’t Going Well

Keep Small Groups Engaged, Jo Ann Fore

Our time together started out strong: these beautiful women who came enthusiastic for hope and eager for practical resources. We were a healthy mixture of mamas and nanas and career folks, all excited about gathering in community with women who “get us,” connecting as only women can. A few were … [Read More...]

Time Management Tips for the Encourager

FH - Time Management Tips

A couple months ago I opened my DayTimer and found myself laughing aloud at the ridiculousness of the number of things I’d crammed into one thirty-day period. All the work I had to do, the causes I’m passionate about, and the personal commitments I try to daily live into, they sat there mocking … [Read More...]