An Opportunity to Write a Note That Matters {And a stellar DaySpring giveaway!}

DaySpring card giveaway

Her hair pulled back into mermaid style waves and her green eyes pooling with tears, this girl of mine stands uncertain and anxious, reaching deep for courage. She trusts when I say she's going to … [Read More...]

How to be a Servant in a World Full of Self

who we are

Guest post by Emily T. Wierenga  “Are you scared, Mom?” Auntie Susan is gone now, the hair all swept up and Trent’s sisters laying their boys down for a nap. I am in the kitchen with Marge, and … [Read More...]

Tripped Up by Negative Patterns

set us free

Guest post: Joanna Weaver Of all the weapons the Enemy likes to use against us, I’m convinced that nothing is as deadly as the unconscious patterns we tend to develop in our lives. Though we’ve … [Read More...]

The Women of Duck Commander: From Heart to Home

Women of Duck Commander

I bought the book sitting on our nightstand for my husband at Christmas, the one about this family of bearded, Jesus-loving entrepreneurs who have apparently made a {very good} living out of making … [Read More...]

When the Blues Just Won’t Go Away

My husband pulled me into his chest, my arms and heart resisting. He persisted, shifted his hold a little tighter, leaning down, whispering into the nape of my neck how he wanted to help but didn't … [Read More...]